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IV Pharmacy FAQs


What Is an IV Pharmacy?

An IV compounding pharmacy (or IV pharmacy) is a pharmacy that compounds medications that are usually administered intravenously (through an IV). They may also compound other medications designed to be taken intramuscularly, orally or topically.

An IV pharmacy will typically offer a form of IV nutritional therapy (also referred to as IV therapy, IV nutrient therapy, IV vitamin therapy or IV nutrition), in which IV products may be supplied to a provider or a patient (with a prescription required).

IV nutritional therapy is often used for its wide range of benefits, which can include:

– Hydration and recovery

– Enhanced immunity

– Reduced anxiety

– Improved symptoms of hangovers

– And much more

Due to IV treatments being administered directly into the veins, the results can be much faster than other traditional medications. Many physicians believe IV therapy can be a safe, effective and restorative option for a variety of health issues, and it can be personalized to address unique needs of each patient individually.


What Is IV Compounding?

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The term compounding can be defined as the act of professionally preparing, blending, putting together, packaging and labeling sterile medications in congruence with a licensed practitioner’s prescription for a patient.

IV compounding involves a great deal of preparation, and it’s important for an IV compounding pharmacy to ensure there is a sterile environment during the compounding process.

Compounding IV medications is an important part of creating fully customized, sterile intravenous solutions.

Many IV solutions contain mixtures of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that work together to produce significant results. The process involves a customized drip of intravenous vitamin therapy treatment designed to suit each patient’s unique needs, as assessed and prescribed by a medical professional.

Some common infusions available from an IV compounding pharmacy include:

– Amino Acids
– Ascorbic Acid
– Glutathione
– B Vitamins

What Is IV Therapy Used For?
There are many uses for IV nutrient therapy, as these medications can be customized to address a variety of ailments and symptoms.

Depending on the patient’s desired results, IV solutions may benefit individuals, like: athletes or fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their performance or muscle recovery time, people who struggle with allergies and want to relieve their symptoms, individuals that would like to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or other signs of aging, people experiencing constant fatigue and more.

Essentially, anyone may benefit from IV vitamin therapy if they’re experiencing any deficiency of a particular vitamin or mineral. A medical professional can best help determine the best type of nutrients to use IV therapy for that can help alleviate target problem areas.

How Is IV Therapy Performed?
IV therapy is administered at a medical office under the supervision of a trained medical professional. It’s important for individuals seeking IV therapy as a potential solution to ensure they find a licensed medical office that’s reputable, as a first step. IV treatment is very safe, but complications may occur if not administered correctly by a licensed professional.

Benefits of IV Therapy

Generally, there are many potential benefits of IV therapy, but the specific results will depend on the type of IV solution selected. IV pharmacies can create treatments that are very customized to the individual patient’s exact needs.

Here are some of the most common benefits patients experience after receiving IV vitamin therapy:

– Boosted immunity

– Improved muscle recovery and performance

– Enhanced brain functionality

– Reduced symptoms of migraines

– Minimized anxiety

– Age management

– Boosted metabolism

– Reduced bloating

– Hydration

IV Kits/Premixes

Here are some of the innovative IV kits offered by some Pharmaceuticals:

– Methylcobalamin (B12)

– Myer’s Cocktail

– Brainstorm

– Immunity

– Inner Beauty

– Recovery & Performance

– Get-Up-And-Go

– Alleviate

– Quench

– Reboot

IV Products/Medications


In addition to pre-made kits, some IV pharmacies may offer IV medications that may be purchased and customized separately. You can get the following individual IV products:

  • RHydroxocobalamin (B12)
  • RPyridoxine (B6)
  • R N-Acetyl-Cysteine
  • RAscorbic Acid
  • RDexpanthenol (B5)
  • R Magnesium Chloride
  • RCalcium Chloride* (Not for IM)
  • RAlpha Lipoic Acid
  • R L-Arginine
  • RL-Carnitine
  • RL-Glutamine
  • R L-Glutathione
  • RL-Taurine
  • RL-Lysine
  • R Amino Blend
  • RMineral Blend
  • R Selenium
  • R Manganese Sulfate
  • R Glucosamine Sulfate
  • RL-Proline
  • RZinc Chloride
  • RVita - Complex

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