Are you too busy to wait in line to see a doctor to figure out what is wrong with you? Then Topline pharmacy might have the solution you need with its point-of-care (POC) tests.
POC test produces a rapid and reliable result, aiding in identifying or managing chronic diseases and acute infections. It allows for the screening and treatment process to be completed during a single encounter, thereby improving access to care, counseling, and patient outcomes.
We offer POC test for the influenza and Strep A.
Influenza- Causes about 12,000- 50,000 deaths annually in the United States. Rapid testing for influenza A and B allows for accurate and timely treatment, as patients only have a 48-hour window to receive critical antiviral therapy.
Strep A- Only 10-15% of adults with acute pharyngitis—a sore throat—test positive for strep, yet up to 75% are prescribed antibiotics. Most pharyngitis cases are viral and self-limiting in nature and could be symptomatically treated with OTC products.

Other Home test kits available include: Drug screen, HIV, and Occult blood (Colorectal screen)