Visiting another country can put you at risk for diseases that may not normally be found in the United States. Getting vaccinated against certain diseases is one of the most effective things you can do to protect your health abroad. Plan to get the travel vaccines you need at least a month before your trip. Most vaccines need to be given ahead of time to give you full protection against a disease.

You should be up to date on your routine vaccines. Depending on where you travel, you may come into contact with diseases that are rare in the United States. For example, although measles is rare in the United States, it is more common in other countries. Measles outbreaks happen frequently in many popular destinations in Europe and beyond—don’t go unprotected!

You may need other vaccines such as yellow fever vaccine or medicine to prevent malaria before you travel depending on your destination, your medical history, your planned activities, and other health concerns.  Speak to a staff member today about the travel immunizations we offer and how we can prevent you from bringing home unintended souvenirs.