Tirzepatide is a once-weekly injectable dual glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) receptor and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptor agonist.

It works by increasing insulin production and lowers glucagon secretion as well as targets areas in the brain that regulate appetite and food intake. A small change in the molecule allows the drup to last weeks in our bodies rather than the natural version our bodies make, which lasts minutes.

Tirzepatide is only indicated for adults and should be used along with diet and exercise.

Benefits of Tirzepatide

•     Decreased appetite and cravings

•     Weight loss

•     A1C reduction

•     Increased cardiometabolic measures

Side Effects/Contraindications

•     Vomiting
•     Nausea
•     Diarrhea
•     Decreased appetite
•     Constipation
•     Upset stomach

The most common side effects include nausea and constipation

Patients also report acid reflux, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. The risk of serious side effects increases in patients with hypoglycemia, kidney problems, and risk of allergic reactions.

*500mcg/ml of Cyanocobalamin added to reduce nausea side effects

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience stomach pain that will not go away (and may radiate to the back) with or without vomiting, stop taking this medicine and call your doctor immediately:

Tirzepatide may cause low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Symptoms and Signs of Low Blood Sugar

Symptoms and signs of low blood sugar may include dizziness or lightheadedness, blurred vision, anxiety, irritability or mood changes, sweating, slurred speech, hunger, confusion or drowsiness, shakiness, weakness, headache, fast heart rate and feeling jittery. This medicine may cause other side effects. Call your doctor or health professional if you have any unusual problems while taking this medication.


Risk Of Thyroid C-Cell Tumors

If you or any family members have been diagnosed with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome Type 2 or Medullary thyroid cancer you should not take Tirzepatide. If you have ever had pancreatitis consult with you medical

provider as using Tirzepatide can increase the risk of developing pancreatitis.


Important Information

***This medication is not insulin and should not be used is you have type 1 diabetes or if you develop diabetic ketoacidosis. Tirzepatide should not be used with any other GLP-1 medication.

If you have any adverse reactions to this medication please call 911 and go the nearest emergency room and call your provider.