MTM Explainer
Whether you’re on the road or on the go, Telemedicine is a click away.

Feeling ill but need to get the job done? Telemedicine is here with preempt care to help you continue performing at your best, without having to leave the workplace

Common Conditions We Treat:
Cold & Flu Symptoms Urinary Tract Infection Sore Throat
Sinus Problems Pink Eye UTI
Ear Infection Infections Recommendation
Bronchitis Stomach Viruses Second Opinions
Nausea Rashes and more …


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Topline AlereRx Card

When Can I use Telehealth?

* Anytime, Anywhere.
* When you need care now
* If you’re considering the ER or urgent care center for non-emergency issues
* On vacation, on business trips, or away from home.
* For short term prescription refills

What Can I Use it For?
* Sore throat
* Stuffy nose
* Bronchitis
* Allergies
* Poison Ivy
* Pink Eye
* Pediatric care
* Urinary Care
* Respiratory Infection, Sinus Problems, Cold, Flu symptoms, Dermatology, Psychiatry etc

Unlimited Doctor Visit 24/7
See a Doctor in 10minutes or less from anywhere

Includes Aetna Discount Dental, Vision, MIR, CT Scan,
Dermatology, Behavioral Health & Veterinary Office Discount
Medication for only $24.99/month for a family of five